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We have several products that are perfect for creating the highest caliber custom home which include:


46% of homeowners recently surveyed rank a fireplace in their Top 3 amenity's they are looking for in their next home.  We all know a fireplace adds tremendous value (up to $12,000 in value to a single family home), as well as a cozy conversation spot that becomes the primary focal point in a home.


Consumers are demanding higher and higher quality products in their custom home, and there is nothing that screams quality louder than a masonry fireplace. Long forgotten, the art of a great mason is both hard to come by and expensive. We have recreated that luxury with easy to assemble modular masonry blocks, factory engineered so it works every time, and pairing that with firebrick panels that looks like the firebricks were laid by a top mason - all at a fraction of what a hand built masonry fireplace would cost.

Fireplace Gas Logs

Its those little things, the attention to detail that are the hallmark of a custom home. Open face fireplaces with Real Fyre gas logs is one of those defining details. Installing a factory built metal fireplace is like putting laminate countertops in the kitchen.  You wouldn't think of doing that in a custom home.  The high end consumer expects the quality of a masonry fireplace with Real Fyre logs.

Outdoor Spaces

59% of Millennial home buyers surveyed rank outdoor living space as their #1 "must have". Consumer are seeing wonderful outdoor spaces all over the design magazines, websites, and on home shows on TV. It's no wonder that 85% of 18-35 year olds rated Outdoor Rooms with areas for cooking as "Very Important". Outdoor kitchens, outdoor fireplaces, waterfalls with fire, fire bowls and urns all make for an inviting, exciting outdoor space.

While we don't sell directly to the custom home builder, we can recommend a seasoned professional that can complete the sale, and provide installation services.

Let us help you pre-sell your next custom home.

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