We serve the hospitality space with gas free fireplaces and with fire features around the pool and common areas. These include fire pits, fire urns and lanterns, and fire bowls.  Hotels also choose to add fireplaces to their common areas in addition to adding a gas free fireplace in each guest room.

Let us help you design a compelling property with fireplaces and fire features.

Fireplaces - Adding a fireplace makes your hotel feel more like home, many adding a linear fireplace in the lobby or bar - or a cozy fireplace in the common areas, but there is nothing like having a fireplace in each room. Some hotels have found the fireplace to be a compelling element to brand loyalty - where guests return because it makes them feel more at home - more comfortable. We recommend using gas free fireplaces in each of your hotel rooms. These fireplaces replicate the appearance of a cozy fireplace without all the venting issues and liability of a gas fireplace. Many hotels are not only designing their new properties with gas free fireplaces, but are actively replacing gas and ethanol fireplace with our patented gas free technology.

Fire Features - A compelling outdoor space can be a important factor when choosing to stay at a property. A killer pool is just the minimum entry these days. adding fire features can really step up that space. Commercial planters, fire bowls, urns and lanterns as well as a outdoor fireplace.

While we don't sell directly to hotels, we can recommend a seasoned professional that can complete the sale, and/or provide installation services.

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