We work with Architects and designers to create great indoor and outdoor spaces both small and large using fireplaces, premium grills, and fire features. Not only do we provide the architect with the tools to accurately specify our products but we also provide continuing education training classes, and in many cases we also work with the architect and designers to create something unique and special, many times limited by only their imagination or the clients budget.

Fireplaces - There is nothing like a fireplace with a Real Fyre Gas log or linear burner. Open face fireplaces have none of the issues with hot glass.  Architects are also fond of our patented gas free technology which replicates a wood burning fireplace without any of of the venting and liability issues associated with a gas fireplace. This gas free technology can easily be placed in a bedroom or bathroom or other places too challenging to vent.

Outdoor Spaces - Outdoor kitchens, commercial planters, fire bowls flanking a entrance or at the pool, fire pits, outdoor fireplaces, we give the architect the tools to create a unique outdoor space.

While we don't sell directly to consumers or contractors, we can recommend a seasoned professional that can complete the sale, and provide installation services.


Let us help you specify a great indoor or outdoor space.

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